April 21, 2015


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Spring rain is beautiful. Rainy day is also beautiful.

Forget the rain, forget the sorrow.

【Miku Hatsune】Rainy【thomas’ factory】youtube


February 14, 2015


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Today is 「chocolatier」 day.

This song is a gift from me.

Sen No Kaze Ni Natte / Masahumi Akikawa / the thomas’ cover / youtube

November 21, 2012

-heartful silence-

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I created this music the other day.

This music image is a heartful relief.

Good night dear彡

「Serenade of that hill」Pianoforte serenade by Cl,Ob,Picc,and Vn / thomas’ factory

November 26, 2011


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I bought a jeans the other day.

It’s a Burberry’s jeans.

This is a back label.

It’s used only on private life.

This is very beautiful jeans.

My favorite item.

September 19, 2011

art fes.

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art fes in Yokohama.

「chips 2011」

my gallery.

in hotel.

It was a very beautiful travel.
And it was a vacation.

Thanks for everyone.

June 10, 2011

-candle night-

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Tomorrow is the candle night in Hitachi city.

The friend does live in the park.

I wish not raining tomorrow.

It’s a lover’s night.

March 2, 2011

-white day-

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I went to buy a “White Day”s present on holiday of last week to Tsukuba city.

I went to look for what she had wanted.

looks for…looks for….not…not…

I found it in station’s shops !

I am wishing her to be pleased.

December 24, 2010


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I drew a picture. It’s a sketch of David Beckham.

It doesn’t so look like. It’s still on the way. ..and, It works hard a little more.

October 18, 2010

-early winter-

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I bought a quilted down coat and a sweater the another day.

Takeo Kikuchi’s coat

Fred Perry’s sweater

I want winter to come early.

August 30, 2010


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I started a work of writing the other day. I write an introductory essay of the various site.

I’m uneasy every day. Whether I can get a next work or not?

But, I get a first salary next month. I think about an usage of the salary.

Book or CD or and more…

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