July 23, 2010

-degital camera-

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I bought a digital camera yesterday.

I was going to buy it from two years ago.It’s old camera…but,it’s a good quality brand “Nikon”‘s camera.

Windows in my room.

Art poster and evening sun.

I came to likeĀ  this camera and photograph…and I want also to take the photograph.


July 21, 2010


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I write an article for the first time. I usually play the guitar and bass….and I’m creating music.

I bought a double bass bow the other day.
I will play the upright bass for the first time at “Mitokomon festival” of Mito City on the seventh of next month.I play “Autumn Leaf” on the finger jazzy style. I’m looking forward to this performance.

Anyway…It’s very joyful to play the bass.

Sorry…I’m studying English now.

See you !

Hello world!

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